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The project will disseminate material regarding the project’s Objectives, Target Groups/ Beneficiaries, Outputs, Events, and other Results (e.g. Scientific, Policy advises, Openness). As a start we will establish the brand identity of OPENLang by guarantying a domain name for the website, designing a logo and by using it on correspondence (e.g. letterhead, business cards) and dissemination activities (e.g. posters, presentations). As we move through the delivery of the project, we will disseminate the Intellectual Outputs and other results.

The main target groups addressed in this project have been identified at the proposal stage and include the following:

  • Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility Participants (students, teaching and administrative staff, youth workers and entrepreneurs) who need language and culture learning of their host countries.
  • Language Teachers/Trainers who need to develop their professional expertise on new innovative teaching methodologies, tools, and resources.

External target audiences:

  • Erasmus+ offices at Adult Education institutions across EU28 who want to support their Erasmus+ Mobility Participants (students, teaching and administrative staff) with language skills and cultural awareness regarding the hosting country.
  • Erasmus+ National Agencies in each partner country, with whom we will share project activities and seek to use their communication channels and events as a way of disseminating the project activities and results.
  • Language Teacher Associations and Networks.
  • European Partners (from other projects/networks) – Within the partnership there is European Project experience, including networks and contacts of organisations working at an EU level. These have come through contacts made at European projects (such as Erasmus+, H2020, COST), attendance at partner search events and contacts by e-mail as part of developing future project partners.
  • Media representatives – Journalists, relevant Portals, Social Media Experts, influential Bloggers, Associations and Networks, general public are all targeted mainly because they may become important dissemination factors in their own communities and across sectors of activities throughout the lifetime of the project and beyond.
  • Politicians/Decision Makers – at a political level there is recognition of the importance of language learning and culture understanding to ensure EU integration, cohesion, inclusion, active participation and mutual respect. At a European level, high priority is given to mobility and empowering people with language, culture and digital skills. At a national / regional and local level there are policy initiatives which highlight the importance of communities living and working together. Our project results can help shape thinking on future policy direction.

Internal target audiences:

  • Project partners; Project coordinator; Output Leaders – These groups are targeted because the project outcomes aim to facilitate their members’ transition from traditional face-to-face learning environment to ones based on information and communication technologies (ICTs). The project coordinator and output leaders will prepare and distribute flyers to be disseminated to participating and other organizations.

Promotional Webinar about upcoming activities: 

a) the OPENLang MOOC on Language OERs and

b) the Language OERs Contest to be organised in autumn 2020

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